Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas Party and Christmas Day

Here is my poor sick baby. I think she had a head cold. Those sick eyes are so sad.

 Showing off her Christmas leggings :)
 She was not sure what to think of Santa. She wasn't upset but seemed curious.
 He was a sweet Santa.
 We had a family ugly sweater Christmas party. Hence the ugly sweaters :)
 Ryan was stylin'.
 Porter and Thomas

 I just wanted a picture of her sweater. I have 5 pictures that all look like this lol

 On the way back from Brigham City we stopped by to see my grandparents :)
 On Christmas Eve we put on our Christmas PJs and went to look at Christmas lights.
 Kaitlyn coming downstairs Christmas morning.
 Finding her gifts from Santa.

Enjoying her new toys.
 Trying to figure out how to open gifts :)
 Pretty pleased with this baby doll.
 Giving kisses!
 Christmas morning meltdown :)

 Are you sure I'm not supposed to use this box to climb on?
Thinking she is pretty funny :)
We had a great Christmas! Next year will be even more fun with this little one.

Family Pictures

A lady in our ward took family pictures for us. It was super super cold! Poor Kaitlyn deteriorated by the end of it and we didn't get any good smiling pictures of her, but she still looks pretty darn cute :)

Fall into Winter

I'm quite a bit behind on pictures and posts so I'm adding a bunch all at once. The first one is just a bunch of pictures. Hope you enjoy them!

 Posing with Daddy

 Trying to get pictures of this ham in this cute onesie from my friend Micaela.
 Most turned out blurry because I would put her back a bit and she would run frantically toward the camera trying to get it. Silly kid.

 Marc won a gun! Yahoo :) It's nice to win stuff and this gun is sure nice to have.

 I super slacked off and this is the only Thanksgiving picture I took. It's a shame because she is wearing an adorable shirt that Larissa gave her. We had a great time and she ate almost everything! She loved it all.

 Took some pictures together. She was enjoying it.
 Trying to enjoy the first big snowstorm. I'm not sure Kaitlyn was a fan.
 And in attempting a picture of just her, she face planted in the snow. Larissa thought it was funny.

 Snow kisses!
 We are setting up our Christmas decorations in this picture. She is pretty confused by it all :)

 Getting into the spirit of Christmas by enjoying her nativity :)